ZOZO Technologies 2019

About us

The mission of ZOZO Technologies is to “change fashion for 7 billion people through the power of technology” by utilizing its current source of big data in order to accelerate innovations such as the ZOZOSUIT, in addition to expanding its current businesses such as ZOZOTOWN and WEAR, and to create new technology driven businesses.

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It is responsible for all the production work such as technology, design, analysis of ZOZO group, we mainly develop and operate ZOZOTOWN, WEAR and develop new technology.

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Statistics of ZOZO Technologies

Find out the statistics of ZOZO Technologies, from the number of monthly shipments to the average age of our staff.

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Work and Environment

We strive to provide a comfortable workplace that respects our engineers’ diverse personalities and enables them to maximize their potential. We also offer a wide range of programs to help them improve their skills.

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