FAQ of Recruitment

Applying for a job at ZOZO Technologies

Q: Can I apply to a number of jobs at once?

A: Please pick one job to apply. If there are a number of jobs you would like to apply, please mentioned that in the “Self-PR (free description)” column. Please keep in mind that we may suggest other jobs to you, judging from your career experience, expertise and so on.


Q: Please tell us about the recruitment flow. How long does the selection process last?

A: We are expecting to have about 2~3 interviews in total. It usually takes between two weeks, up to a month from the step of applying and receiving an unofficial offer. However, this could differ based on the candidate’s schedule.

Work style and programs

Q: What kind of welfare programs / benefits do you offer?

A: In addition to the basic benefits such as housing and commuting allowance, and employee discounts, we offer the following benefits.

・Family allowance
This is an allowance provided for our employees'families. We provide 5,000 yen per dependent family member.

10 days of paid holidays (maximum of 20 days), Special leave for condolences (5 days for marriage / honey-moons, 3 days for when your wife gives birth), Menstruation vacation, Nursing care leave, Child nursing leave, and other vacation programs.

・Maternity leave and child care leave
Maternity and child care leave are available from 6 weeks prior of childbirth up to when the child turns one and a half years old (Up to 2 years old in case the child cannot enter pre-school.) The number of male employees who take child care leave are increasing every year. We emphasize on creating a comfortable environment for both working mothers and fathers.

・Flexible working hours
After returning to work from child care leave, employees can work flexible hours (leaving early) until the child finishes elementary school. In our company, everyone is working again.

Q: Which location (office) will I be working in?

A: The location of your office will be determined based on your job. Service developments for ZOZOTOWN and WEAR will be placed in our Makuhari office (headquarters), and app developments of new businesses will take place in the Aoyama office (Tokyo). Other companies in the ZOZO Group also work in the Aoyama office, therefore you will have a chance to interact with them.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for assignments / transfers to other jobs or departments?

A: If there is anything you would like to do in particular (such as ZOZO, WEAR, etc.), we will try our best to assign you to your first choice of job. Most of our employees are assigned to their first choices.

Q: What is the flow after entering ZOZO Technologies?

A: The first 2 days after joining our company, you will attend orientation where you will learn about the basic structure, history and philosophy of the ZOZO Group. You will also have the chance to visit our logistics center, “ZOZOBASE” during orientation. After understanding the overview of the ZOZOTOWN business, you will be assigned to your department / job.

Q: What kind of evaluation system do you have?

A: Twice a year, we have personnel appraisals. We take the time to evaluate each one of our employees by setting an interview with the your department manager.

Q: Will engineers have the chance to plan projects?

A: ZOZO does not have a panning department / position, however, our engineers are always thinking, planning and executing their ideas of new functions.


Q: Please tell us more about your business.

A: As of now our two main businesses are ZOZOTOWN and WEAR, however, each one of our engineers will be working on one of our main businesses. In addition, although we are expanding new services and businesses quite frequently, there are cases where we unavoidably withdraw, for example when we cannot see rapid growth and development that we originally expected. You could say that our speedy decision making of whether to withdraw is one of our strong characteristics. This is because we aim to improve quality by assigning our resources to businesses we believe that are most important.